The head is a head UDG Huré universal type with indexed positions of 2.5 ° for the body B (intermediate body) and 2.5 ° C for the body(head). B축 2.5도와 C축 2.5도의 위치결정능력에 UDG 유니버셜타입 헤드

Cabezal UDG40

Summary table of technical characteristics: 간략한 기술적인 특징

Description UDG head Universal Head type Huré
Rotation resistance torque to body 350 Nm
Dimensions See picture
Weight 500 Kg
Power head (standard) 40 Kw
Maximum speed of spindle S6: 4.000 rpm / S1: 3.000 rpm
Maximum torque 1.500 Nm
Force / pressure lock bodies 22.000 Kg / 70 bar
Clamping force hta. 15.000 N / 70 bar
Cone hta. ISO-50: DIN 69871
Strap ISO 50: DIN 69872-A
Spears external coolant Yes
Spindle positioning Encoder Heidenhain ERM 280
Coolant through the tool Option (junta rotativa OTT ó RÖHM, P máx. taladrina = 80 bar )
Blown Air cleaning cone hta. Yes